Belize wedding photographer

Richard + Jeanny Deeds Wedding

Jungle weddings? Jungle resorts? Oh yes, we have it in Belize. There is many jungle resorts in Belize, from Chaa Creek  , Ka’ana Resort , Gaiia Riverlodge in Cayo District to Chan Chich Lodge in Orange Walk district. But let me talk about the wedding i shot at the newest and super gorgeous Sleeping Giant Lodge . Sleeping Giant gets its name from the views the Lodge offers of ”the sleeping giant”, which is a group of mountains together forming what seems like a huge guy sleeping. The couple is from the Cayo District, born outside of Belize. They planned their own wedding at the resort and opted for an outdoor ceremony among luscious green jungle and gorgeous shade trees. The river is just a few steps away from the resort and as you can see offers spectacular backdrop for wedding images. The staff at resort is very helpful and welcoming. Highly recommended for a couple’s dream getaway or wedding.

Images by Lupita Banman


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