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Bacalar Mexico






One of the world’s most beautiful lagoon’s lies just minutes away from Belize’s border, Bacalar Mexico. Its is also known as the Lagoon of seven colors. I wanted to share this precious place with you all, as it is very beautiful, laid back and relaxing. We stayed at Pehaltun Villas, a place i highly recommend. You just feel at home!!! All photos you will enjoy were taken from their dock and on their dock; and if you don’t see many photos it simply is because i was that relaxed enjoying their hammocks and the breeze!




IMG_4183wm IMG_4079wm IMG_4082wm IMG_4096wm IMG_4086wm IMG_4104wm IMG_4167wm IMG_4154wm IMG_4126wm IMG_4121wm IMG_4107wm

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