Lupita makes your dreams into a reality and then turns your reality into something more than you could have imagined. Let me start off with saying, I reached out to Lupita over a year in advance, she is quick to respond and answered every question I had! Never being to Belize before I had a lot of questions and she was always more than helpful to provide detailed answers, which means a lot in my book. Lupita really went above and beyond, I had three locations I was interested in and wanted a shorter photo shoot than a lot of other photographers in Belize offer, not only did she provide pricing on each location but also gave helpful information on each place that only a local would know. I do have to say I spoke with a handful of other photographers that work in the area, and none of them compared to Lupita’s kindness and patience. And one photographer in particular said it was not worth their time to complete such a basic photo shoot.
My husband and I wanted the perfect pictures to announce our elopement to our family and friends and she made my dreams come true. She is very honest in her pricing and I highly recommend anyone to use Lupita as their photographer!!
I told Lupita what I was looking for as far as photographs and she exceeded my expectations! She really knows what she is doing. My husband and I need a little guidance when taking pictures on how we should pose or what we should do and she made us feel so comfortable, I felt like I knew her for a very long time even though I just met her!
Lupita is very professional, she is reliable, and in our case she was early than we expected to our appointment. Lupita told me in an email that she is usually a little early and I forgot that she said that, and I was not ready when she arrived but she is so professional that she was ok waiting for me to finish getting ready.
Lupita delivered our photographs earlier than we expected, and I have to say who doesn’t enjoy an earlier delivery time!!! Also, she shares pictures of her shoots on her social media forums and what girl doesn’t like seeing their professional photos being displayed on the internet for everyone to see.
We thought we were just taking photographs that day but ended up making a life long friend.