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This is the second opportunity i have had to work with this amazing belizean model. She has all qualities of a professional model, beauty, body and humbleness. In front of the camera, she can go from high fashion poses, to soft and femenine to sensual and sexy. Eveything she got it. Very easy to work with. Both times i have worked with her has been for a friend’s eye candy of the month page and make up was done by his friend, wardrobe by me and setting by me (the photographer).


collage 1 collage 2 collage 3 collage 4 IMG_7592_1_2 IMG_7602_1_1 IMG_7615_1_1 IMG_7615_1_1bw IMG_7629_1_1 IMG_7635_1_1 IMG_7652_1_1 IMG_7654_1_1bw IMG_7680_1_1 IMG_7681_1_2 IMG_7691_1_1 IMG_7696_1_1 IMG_7711_1_1bw IMG_7728_1_1 IMG_7732_1_1 IMG_7738_1_1 IMG_7748_1_1 IMG_7753_1_1 IMG_7767_1_1 IMG_7773_1_1 IMG_7777_1_1two IMG_7787_1_3 IMG_7798_1_1better IMG_7800_1_1 IMG_7801_1_1 IMG_7802_1_1 IMG_7803_1_1 IMG_7804_1_2 IMG_7808_1_1 IMG_7809_1_1 IMG_7811_1_1 IMG_7812_1_1 IMG_7813_1_1 IMG_7817_1_1 IMG_7818_1_1 IMG_7819_1_1 IMG_7822_1_1 IMG_7825_1_1

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