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Sexy in burnt ashes

I called up Ivanna, who is used to being in front of my camera and at ”my beck and call” as she put it, to a photoshoot i had in mind for a long time, creative portraits/bouduoir . The photoshoot went smoothly and we got some awesome shots, fortunately i was able to practice some more with lighting and unfortunately not all images are to be posted. If you are interested in a boudouir shoot or creative portraits, be sure to contact me!

Enjoy the images:

collage collage2 IMG_2450_1_1 IMG_2482_1_1 IMG_2483_1_1bw IMG_2491_1_1 IMG_2577_1_1 IMG_2577_1_1bw IMG_2591_1_1 IMG_2608_1_1-Recovered IMG_2629_1_1 IMG_2644_1_2 IMG_2644_1_2bw IMG_2662_1_1 IMG_2665_1_1 IMG_2667_1_1ED IMG_2677_1_1 IMG_2679_1_1 IMG_2691_1_1 IMG_2691_1_1bw IMG_2732_1_1 IMG_2732_1_1bw IMG_2782_1_2 IMG_2784_1_1 IMG_2795_1_1 IMG_2795_1_1bw IMG_2800_1_1 IMG_2698_1_1bw

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