NEWBORN (Allison Maisie Richards)

I love photographing, creating images of any sort. Newborns though, are my weak point. I get nervous and its a tough job, i only take on the jobs when i am loaded with patience. Luckily for this session, the mother, the baby and myself were prepared. Ps, maybe because the baby slept right through.

IMG_4611_1_1bw IMG_4637_1_1 IMG_6412_1 IMG_6415_1_1 IMG_6415_1_1bw IMG_6418_1 IMG_6421_1_1 IMG_6427_1_1 IMG_6427_1_1bw IMG_6429_1 IMG_6429_1bw IMG_6431_1_1 IMG_6431_1_1bw IMG_6435_1_1 IMG_6435_1_1bw IMG_6437_1_1 IMG_6437_1_1bw IMG_6440_1_1 IMG_6451_1 IMG_6451_1bw IMG_6453_1_1 IMG_6453_1_1bw IMG_6456_1_1 IMG_6456_1_1bw IMG_6476_1_1 IMG_6476_1_1bw IMG_6487_1

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